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Alimina has two problems no princess should ever have -- she's not beautiful and she has no suitors. What she wasn't born with, magic could perhaps provide, which should lead to suitors, shouldn't it?

The unlovely princess is about the find out that magic brings with it a whole new set of problems she never anticipated.

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Modern day vampires face the possibility of extinction if something drastic isn't done! Moros, a member of the fierce Brethren of Erebus warrior clan, is ordered to the forbidden land of America to search out an answer.

Still living by old-world customs, Moros must quickly adapt to the new age if he's going to survive and find answers to an intriguing riddle.

An exciting and at times amusing tale, Forbidden: The Brethren of Erebus brings a fresh, new look to the world of blood-suckers.

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A Conspiracy of Authors (ACOA) is an invitation-only publisher.  We do not accept submissions of any kind. Instead, ACOA will seek out a limited number of authors and will present their work in both electronic and print (when appropriate) formats.  We will list works published by ACOA as well as those by other publishers so that you do not have to go hunt for other works by the author.  In this respect, we will combine author marketing with publishing so both can benefit the reader. 

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ACOA offers a variety of works in fiction and in writing-related nonfiction, and everything at a reasonable price.

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