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Becky Burkheart

Becky previously published fantasy with Allegorysf.com and non-fiction with various Arabian horse breed publications as well as being book #1 (Horses) in the series “33 Mistakes Writers Make About…”

Becky takes frequent flights of fantasy, in real life as well as in her writing.  It’s said that life is stranger than fiction, but Becky’s out to prove it’s possible to integrate it both ways.  Whether she’s racing her Arabian horses through the woods, rapid firing her .45 or gargoyling from local rooftops, Becky finds it hard to stay grounded in the real world.  Although she has yet to ride in a space ship (she did get to simulate crashing a 727) or to meet a real vampire (that she’s aware of), piratey dress, “arrgh matey’s” and pints of brew are standard fare on the odd weekend.

Also Published:

The stories in Short & Twisted deliver the goods: Short little devilish tales that carry you along innocently - if strangely - and then hit you with a whammy at the end. You've got to admire the warped minds of these authors, even if you also wonder if they should be allowed to walk the streets with the rest of us.

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