A Conspiracy of Authors

The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers
Make About Dogs

Amy Laurens

From the Introduction:  

Writers – and people in general – make many of the mistakes they do about dogs not because they know nothing about them, but because so much of the cultural knowledge we possess is false. Myths about animals abound, and it seems the more important the animal is to humanity, the more myths it will generate.
. . .

I won my first obedience ribbon with a dog at age twelve, and saw puppies born in my own backyard when I was seven – and the very first puppy I bred myself became an Australian Champion at 14 months of age. I’ve done obedience trials and conformation showing, and started training dogs as all-purpose house assistants; I’m a registered Labrador Retriever breeder and have experienced the joys and woes of breeding and raising our own litters, and consequently the deep bond that develops when you own a dog from birth.




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