A Conspiracy of Authors

The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers

Make About Russia


Are you ready to abandon the stereotypes of the Cold War and look at the real Russia?  Open your eyes to the exciting and fascinating facts that make this setting a favorite with writers.  With this book, you can Write It Right.

About the Authors

Irene W. Galaktionova is a Leningrad-born bilingual Russian/English writer and translator. Her articles on Russian history, culture and religion appeared in Russian Life, Gilbert’s Royal Digest, Home Cooking, Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul and other publications. She is behind the book’s facts providing an insider’s know-how of what life in Russia really is, and was, like.

Neil P. Woodhead is a Cambridge-born writer and translator. Having spent much time in Russia and specializing in the country’s history and language, he is the critical and fact-checking power in the tandem. Neil made sure Irene wasn’t carried away with nostalgia and the book remained objective as well as informative.




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