A Conspiracy of Authors

What is the Conspiracy?

We are a group of authors conspiring to bring readers excellent material by making our work accessible to as many people as possible. 


The world of publishing has gone through drastic changes in the last decade and is still changing. The best part is that there are now more ways for authors to connect with readers than there has ever been before, and these connections can benefit both authors and readers -- if the readers can find what they want to read.

It is difficult for independent authors to make headway in a world where new publishing concerns pop up at every turn and Indie Authors put out thousands of new titles every month. By joining forces, the authors of ACOA will bring you a plethora of work in many genres, all listed in an easy to access central location. We will experiment and grow, and hope that you will find interesting reasons to come back.

A Conspiracy of Authors (ACOA) is an invitation-only publisher.  We do not accept submissions of any kind. Instead, ACOA will seek out a limited number of authors and will present their work in both electronic and print (when appropriate) formats.  We will list works published by ACOA as well as those by other publishers so that you do not have to go hunt for other works by the author.  In this respect, we will combine author marketing with publishing so both can benefit the reader. 

Welcome to the conspiracy!

About ACOA

ACOA offers a variety of works in fiction and in writing-related nonfiction, and everything at a reasonable price.

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