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ACOA Publications


Angst of Hero Naming --

Dowse/NaNo for the New and the Insane (Writing)

Dirge for a Forgotten Outpost --

Daikjizine (Sf)

end of the world and we know it

(Homage to Archie and Mehitabel) --

 Shadowkeep (Sf) (On home site)

A Message from the Lost --

On my site


Flash fiction (Less than 1000 words)

Aftermath --

Ideomancer (Sf)

The Visitor --

AnotheRealm (Sf)

Transgressed --

Dark Matter Chronicles (Sf)

Janna's War--


The Last Dragon--

Dragon Appreciation Days (on my site) (Sf)

Short Stories (1001 to 7,499)

A Fate Cast in Stones --

Ideomancer/ Daikjizine (Historical Fantasy)

A Ride through Hell and Back --

Alternate Realities (Fantasy)

A Tale of Cats and Rats and Really Bad Choices --

Catty New Year Anthology, Whortleberry Press (Fantasy)

A Warrior's Work is Never Done --

DragonLaugh (Fantasy)

At the Crossroads --

Shadowkeep (Fantasy)

Author Vs. Character (The Woodle Poove Story) --

In NaNo for the New and the Insane, my site (Fantasy)

Beloved of Mother --

From Within the Mists Anthology, DDP (Fantasy)

Between a Rock and a God's Place --

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Fantasy)


Book Work --

Wyrd Wravings Anthology, Echelon (Fantasy)

Broken Wings --

Alternate Realities (Urban Fantasy)

Captain's Last Orders --

Lunacat (Sf)

Dangerous Patterns --

Dark Moon Rising (Sf)

Elfsong --

Jackhammer (Fantasy)

Epilogue for a Lost Tale --

Jackhammer (First sale) (Fantasy)

Finding the Girl in the Robe --

Star Bound Chapbook, Yard Dog Press (Sf)

For the Honor of the Hunt --

Honor Bound Chapbook, Yard Dog Press (Sf)

Hey Baby, What's Your Glamour (With Paula Fleming ) --

Jackhammer (Fantasy)

Gift of the Nile --

Illuminated Manuscripts 1 Anthology, DDP (Historical Fantasy)

If You Dream of Forests Green --

Fables (Fantasy)

Intrusion --

Jintsu (Sf)

Legend --

Ideomancer (Historical Fantasy)

Lucky --

Ideomancer/Star Bound Chapbook (Sf)

Niche --

DDP Dollar Downloads (Sf)

No Beast So Fierce --

Darwin's Evolutions (Sf)

On Feathered Wings --

FifthDi (Sf)

One Demand too Many --

AnotheRealm (Fantasy)

Peter T. Cat's Tale : Cat and Mouse Games --

The Twelve Cats of Christmas, Whortleberry Press  (Fantasy)

Professional Choice--

Darwin's Evolutions (Sf)

Raven --

DDP Dollar Downloads (Fantasy)

Reginald and Shadow Cat --

Cats Around the Christmas Tree Whortleberry Press (Fantasy)

Rites of Spring --

Twilight Times (Fantasy)

Seeker of Shadows, Stealer of Souls --

Dragons, Knights and Angels (Urban Fantasy)

Stalker --

DDP Dollar Downloads (Urban Fantasy)

Sub-Textual Evidence for the Existence of Alien Life and the Extrapolation of Internet Protocols --

Planet Relish (and available on my site) (Sf)

Sumerian Nights --

Alternate Realities (Historical Fantasy)

The Price of the Song --

Within the Mist Anthology DDP (Fantasy)

Those Who Reach --

Jackhammer (Sf)

Three Fragments of a Broken Life --

Star Bound Chapbook, Yard Dog Press (Sf)

Twilight --

Jackhammer (Historical Fantasy)

Unlikely Companions --

Jintsu/ DDP Dollar Downloads (Fantasy)

Waiting for God on the Eve of the Millennium --

Jackhammer (Sf)

Weaving the Strands of Love --

Twilight Times (Fantasy)

Weber's Site --

Dark Moon Rising (Sf)

Would that it Were --

Fables (Fantasy)

Year of the Fire Rat --

DDP Dollar Downloads (Fantasy)


Novelette (7500-17499)

Blood of the Clan,

SpirosBlaak Treasure Trove, Bizzaro Games (Fantasy)

Into Darkness --

Fables (Fantasy)

Last Days of Faneh'Thenyal --

Jintsu (Fantasy)

Seri Ember --

Fiction Inferno (Sf)

Playing with Fire --

Honor Bound Chapbook, Yard Dog Press (Sf)


Novella (17500-39,999)

Psi --

Free download, my site (Sf)

Novel (40,000 and up)

Aubreyan: The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Brendan's Song: The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Crystal and the Stars: The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Dacey's Dream: The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Eliora's World: The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Freedom and Fame: The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Gathering : The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Hope in Hell: The Dark Staff Series

(DDP) (Fantasy)

Don't Go Home for the Holidays -- A Tale of Aliens, Spies, and Really Bad Timing

(Zette's Story blog) (Sf)

Farstep Station

(Half a DoubleDog) Yard Dog Press (Sf)

The Good People of Coralville --

Writers' Exchange (YA Mystery)

Mirrors --

Zumaya Press (2011) (Urban Fantasy)

Muse --

OneMoreWord (Mystery)

Ruins --

OneMoreWord (Mystery)

Silky --

Embiid (Fantasy)Rereleased OneMoreWord!

Singer & St. Jude #1: The Lost Cause --



Nonfiction Writing Books

NaNo for the New and the Insane

(Available on my site)

Without a Fear of Words --


Two Year Novel Course, Year 1 --


Two Year Novel Course, Year 2 --


Vision Workshops (with Holly Lisle) --