A Conspiracy of Authors

The New Site

Welcome to the new ACOA site!

If anything could go wrong in this update, it did -- including a glitch during an unexpected storm that wiped out the site on both the home computer and the upload I was making at the time. it is amazing the sort of disasters that can happen.

I was eventually able to recover almost everything up to the day before the glitch. This was good because it meant I didn't have to recreate everything. However, it made it impossible to remember which pages had been updated with some changes and which ones had not. This has been a very slow process and there are still problems.

So you may sometimes find a page with links that don't work. Please let me know at zette@lazette.net.

We are growing with new authors and new stories. Over the next few weeks we should have a working newsletter, several new novels and stories listed, and a spot to post and read reviews. I hope you'll find the site fun and interesting.

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