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The Two Year Novel Course

This set of books takes you through the process of creating a novel from the initial idea to the final step of submitting to a traditional publisher or going the indie publishing route. Although this is set up as one class per week, people can push through at their own rate. Each book is only $0.99!

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Two Year Novel Course: Set 1 (Basics)

Start your novel off right with this set of five classes to help expand on your initial idea and begin creating story goals.

Two Year Novel Course: Set 2 (Characters)

The second set of the 2YN classes takes you through the work of creating characters who will best represent what you want in your story.

Two Year Novel Course: Set 3 (World Building)

This set of world building classes provides a few tricks for both physical and cultural world building and includes exercises, examples and many questions to answer about your own work. This set of classes will help science fiction and fantasy writers, however the cultural aspects and conflicts can also work well in modern and historical fiction.

Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines)

The creation of an outline is far more about content and intent than about shape. Learn the various ways to approach outlines and what type might work for you.

Two Year Novel Course: Set 5: Writing Part 1

The fifth book in the 2YN series is designed to help you start writing your first draft. It covers setting up goals, working through openings and how to deal with a number of 'small things' that might create problems for the writer.

Two Year Novel Course Set 6: Writing, Part 2

Book Six of the 2YN series covers continuing the writing process with tips to help you keep going to The End.

Two Year Novel Course: Set 7: Second Draft

Book 7 of the 2YN series moves from the art of writing to the crafting of edits. This book takes on some of the major problems, including when the book is too short.

Two Year Novel Course: Set 8: Final Edits/Submission and Publication

This is the final book of the Two Year Novel Course covering weeks 78 through 104. The final sections cover both traditional and indie material when it comes to publication.

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